Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chicken Scratch Patterns Available
(Please Note: I do have more to list & when I get time to sit down, I will update the ones that I have the stitch/square count for since I haven’t been able to go through & list all of the counts in here)

· Animals & Bears (not including Holiday Related Animals)
o Alley Cat – SC 55H x 27W
o Baby Chick – SC 32H x 31W
o Bee – 24H x 27W
o Begging Dog – SC 77H x 43W
o Bossie
o Bunny
o Bunnies – Includes Big & Small & Back for big bunny
- Big Bunny – SC 41H x 32W
- Small Bunny – SC 21H x 19W
o Butterflies – SC 87H x 97W (includes 1 lg & 1 small & border)
o Butterfly I
o Butterfly II
o Cardinal
o Chantileer Charm & Sitting Pretty
o Chicken (‘in a Basket’ I believe) – Approx design size 10 ¼” x 9 ¼”
o Chicken on a Stick
o Circus Elephant – SC 63H x 83W
o Circus Seal – SC 79H x 68W
o Cuddly Kitten – SC 67H x 57W (see 1st baby quilt posted)
o Deer – SC 56H x 67W
o Dog – SC 23H x 46W
o Doggy
o Duck
o Duck Decoy
o Ducks in a Row – SC 27H x 51W
o Elephant – SC 25H x 43W
o Flamingo – SC 74H x 67W
o Frog
o Goldfish
o Goose E. Gander – SC 111H x 86W (see baby quilt)
o Hummingbird – SC 61H x 63W
o Kang-A-Roo – SC 77H x 57W
o Lamb – 28H x 31W ADS 7 ¾” x 7”
o Lambie Pie – SC 79H x 69W
o Mallard – SC 32H x 52W
o Mr. Field Mouse
o Nautilus
o Owl – SC 59H x 51W
o Panda – SC 37H x 29W
o Pig
o Pretty Kitty
o Rex, The Lion – SC 79H x 61W
o Rocking Horse – SC 48H x 62W
o Rooster – SC 85H x 71W
o Rooster Weather Vane – SC 85H x 75W
o Seahorse – SC 60H x 31W
o Spring-Bird House – SC 85H x 55W
o Squirrel – SC 47H x 50W
o Stork – SC 57H x 68W (Stork Birth Sampler)
o Swan – SC 47H x 82W
o Swan Lake
o Ted E. Bear – SC 65H x 53W
o Teddy Bear
o Turtle – SC 18H x 40W
o Unicorn
o Whale

· Flower Related Patterns (not including Christmas related flowers)
o Basket O’ Posies
o Bouquet – 51H x 43W
o Camellia – SC 75H x 77W
o Daisy –
- With Border 61H x 61W
- Without Border 33H x 33W
o Daisy Field – SC 87H x 97W
o Dogwood – SC 29H x 72W
o Dutch Rose
o Flower Heart – SC 19H x 21W
o Heart & Flowers – 29H x 33W ADS 4 ¼” x 4 ¼”
o Hearts & Flowers – SC 35H x 35W (4 hearts with flower border)
o Lilac in a Basket
o Magnolia – SC 59H x 49W
o Morning Glory – SC 78H x 95W
o Orchid – SC 57H x 53W
o Rose – SC 50H x 31W (has stem & leaves)
o Rose – SC 71H x 77W
o Tulip Time
o Violets –
- Upper Corner – SC 42H x 39W
- Lower Corner – SC 33H x 31W

· Hearts –
o Flower Heart – SC 19H x 21W
o Heart & Flowers – 29H x 33W ADS 4 ¼” x 4 ¼”
o Heart Border – 11H x 32W ADS 8” x 2 ¾”
o Heart in Heart – SC 53H x 53W
o Hearts – 4 hearts
o Hearts & Flowers – SC 35H x 35W (4 hearts)
o Lace Heart
o Pierced Heart – SC 11H x 11W
o Single Heart
o Triple Heart – SC 87H x 89W
o Valentine Hearts – SC 33H x 21W (includes 2 hearts) Personalization

· Quilt Squares –
o 9 Square Pillow – 45H x 45W ADS 11 ½” x 12”
o Blazing Star – Squares 57H x 57W
o Dresden Plate – 44H x 44W
o Dresden Plate – 45H x 45W ADS 10 ¾” x 11 ½”
o Dutch Rose – Squares 57H x 57W
o Geometric I
o Geometric II
o Hucklebuck
o Lace Ribbon – SC 97H x 97W
o Log Cabin Quilt – SC 47H x 47W
o Martha Washington Star – Squares 57H x 57W
o Medallion
o Phantom
o Pinwheel
o Pinwheel – 47H x 47W ADS 11 ½” x 11 ½”
o Pinwheel – Squares 57H x 57W
o Quilt Square I (Puss in The Corner) – SC 51H x 51W
o Quilt Square I (Robbing Peter to Pay Paul) – SC 81H x 81W
o Quilt Square II (Hens & Chickens) – SC 51H x 51W
o Quilt Star – 37H x 37W
o Quilt Star #2
o Square Geometric – SC 43H x 43W
o Teneriffe Pillow – SC 45H x 45W
o Woven Butterfly Ribbons – SC 49H x 49W

· All Other Objects –
o “BABY”
o “DAD”
o “HI”
o “LOVE”
o “MOM”
o 18 Wheeler – SC 17H x 45W
o Alphabet & Numbers
o Alphabet & Numbers (Fancy)
o American Flag – SC 42H x 46W (with pole)
o Anchor – SC 39H x 35W
o BABY with border/bow – 69H x 81W
o Borders I
o Candle Bright
o Chair
o Chicken Scratch Alphabet
o Churn
o Clock
o Clothing Decoration Ideas
o Clown – SC 31H x 21W
o Coffee Set – SC 53H x 111W
o Conch Shell – SC 41H x 27W
o Confederate Flag – SC 21H x 31W
o Crystal – SC 28H x 28W
o Dutch Girl – 35H x 19W
o Easter Eggs – for cutout
o Geometrics
o Hammer – SC 25H x 45W
o Horn – SC 29H x 29W
o Hot Air Balloon
o House – 21H x 21W
o HOUSE for ‘Home Sweet Home’
o Large Shell –
- With Border – 101H x 101W
- Without Border – 73H x 73W
o Leah’s Crystal – SC 77H x 57W
o Mini Car – SC 19H x 31W
o Musket – SC 30H x 100W (includes corner trim)
o Ohio Star
o Old Car – SC 61H x 69W
o Overall Jim – SC 79H x 55W
o Paper Dolls – SC 29H x 43W
o Pink Luncheon Set – Placemats & Napkins
o Pitcher
o Pitcher with Basin – SC 43H x 47W
o Placemat & Napkins
o Rainbow Row – SC 39H x 95W (Row of 4 houses)
o Sailboats – SC 29H x 39W (Set of 2)
o Shamrock Sampler – SC 111H x 91W (May joy and peace surround you Contentment latch your door And happiness be with you now And bless you evermore)
o Shamrock Toast – SC 35H x 37W (GOOD TIMES HEALTH FRIENDS)
o Shell – 21H x 21W
o Ship – 19H x 41W
o Small Alphabet
o Small Windmill – SC 35H x 33W
o Soda – SC 49H x 31W
o Spinning Wheel
o Spring-Bird House – SC 85H x 55W
o Stained Glass Window
o Star – Squares 37H x 37W
o Star I
o Star II
o Star II – 25H x 25W
o Stitch-a-Bow
o Stork Sampler – SC 57H x 68W (Stork Birth Sampler)
o Summer-Fishing Boy – SC 62H x 43W
o Sunbonnet Sue – SC 77H x 55W
o Tall Ship – SC 82H x 97W
o Teapot – SC 21H x 23W
o Telephone – SC 59H x 66W (includes border)
o Toy Soldier II
o Train – SC 63H x 181L
o Train II -
- Locomotive
- Train Cars
- Caboose
o Wash Tub
o Water Wheel
o Windmill – SC 81H x 97W

· Food Related –
o Apple – 31H x 33W ADS 4” x 4 ½” (looking at apple cut in half)
o Apple – SC 20H x 15W (on stem with leaves)
o Cherries – SC 17H x 23W
o Fruit Bowl – 45H x 45W ADS 10” x 10”
o Fruits
o Grapes – SC 28H x 17W (on stem with leaves)
o Pear – SC 27H x 19W (on stem with leaves)
o Pineapple – 29H x 17W ADS 3 ¾” x 6 3/8”
o Pineapple – SC 62H x 43W
o Pineapple –
- With Border – 69H x 53W
- Without Border – 37H x 21W
o Small Pineapple – 21H x 13W
o Strawberry
o Veggies

· All Christmas Related Patterns -
o Angel with Candle – SC 36H x 29W
o Bell
o Bells – SC 67H x 67W
o Camel
o Candle
o Candle
o Candle Bright
o Candy Cane
o Candy Cane – 31H x 19W
o Christmas Luncheon Set – Includes Placemat & Napkins
o Christmas Tree
o Dove – 25H x 29W
o Drum
o Elve’s Boot – SC 25H x 23W
o Flying Angel
o Frosty
o Gingerbread Boy
o Gingerbread Girl
o Happy Holidays
o Holly
o Holly – SC 48H x 65W
o Holly Design
o JOY Stocking – SC 29H x 19W (this one isn’t listed under their ornaments for use on tree skirt but it is within the stitch count & is very cute)
o Large Wreath – 57H x 51W
o Manger Scene
o Merry Christmas with Wreath
o NOEL Stocking
o Ornament
o Partridge in a Pear Tree
o Patchwork Stockings – Finished project is an actual stocking – Personalization – Only diff I see is the SC…
- Girls – SC 93H x 57W
- Boys – SC 89H x 55W
o PEACE with Church & Dove
o Poinsettia – 21H x 21W
o Poinsettia – 49H x 49W
o Praying Angel
o Ribbon Tree – SC 75H x 55W (Includes border)
o Sachets – says are stitched on ‘Smock a Dot’ polka dot fabric
o Santa Claus
o Singing Angel
o Sleigh
o Small Angel
o Small Snowman – SC 17H x 11W
o Small Wreath
o Snowflake – SC 39H x 39W (includes same smaller snowflake without filling stitches)
o Snowflake I
o Snowflake II
o Snowman – SC 59H x 43W
o Star
o Star – Squares 37H x 37W
o Starburst
o Stocking
o Topiary Tree – SC 67H x 23W
o Toy Soldier – Stitch Count 72H x 28W
o Tree
o Wise Man
o Christmas Tree Skirt (measurements & directions to make using 14 different Christmas Ornaments) – Ornaments listed below
- Drum #1 – SC 17H x 22W
- Ornament #2 – SC 29H x 21W
- Bells #3 – SC 27H x 33W
- Candle #4 – SC 25H x 21H
- Ornament #5 – SC 39H x 25W
- Ornament #6 – SC 19H x 11W
- Small Stockings #7– SC 29H x 19W
- Wreath #8 – SC 39H x 37W
- Candy Cane #9 – SC 33H x 19W
- Ornament #10 – SC 29H x 17W
- Ornament #11 – SC 32H x 29W (Christmas Tree)
- Ornament #12 – SC 35H x 29W
- Angel #13 – SC 25H x 29W
- Snowflake #14 – SC 21H x 21W
- Ornament #15 – SC 53H x 29W
- Ornament #16 – SC 37H x 29W
- Ornament #17 – SC 55H x 29W
- Cross Ornament #18 – SC 17H x 15W
- Star Ornament #19– SC 19H x 17W

· Fall/Halloween Patterns –
o Bat – SC 17H x 29W
o Black Cat – SC 18H x 17W
o Cornucopia – SC 39H x 51W
o Fall-Indian Corn – SC 47H x 37W
o Ghost – SC 42H x 27W
o Turkey – SC 62H x 60W

· Other (without patterns/actual copies of design) -
o Basket of Flowers – copy of actual finished project
o Basket with Tulip – copy of actual finished project
o Coat of Many Colors – copy actual finished project
o Double Star – copy of actual finished project
o University of Tennessee – this is a handmade pattern
o University of Kentucky – copy of actual finished project from a handmade pattern

Pattern Prices
Shipping via First Class Mail - $2.50 without additional options
Your Choice of Patterns (1 pattern = 1 ‘o’ bullet)
10 Patterns: $4.00
20 Patterns: $7.50
30 Patterns: $11.00
40 Patterns: $14.75
50 Patterns: $17.50
60 Patterns: $20.50
70 Patterns: $24.00
80 Patterns: $28.00
80 + Please Contact

Please note that you are purchasing copies of patterns that my grandmother has collected over the years – You are not purchasing the original pattern as many of these she doesn’t have.

(The patterns you chose will need to be emailed to me however you decide to purchase)
1. Email – Send an email to with the patterns you wish to receive. I will then send you an email with a purchase total. You can then pay via one of the options listed below.
2. eBay – Best if you are uncomfortable purchasing without a ‘shopping cart’ – please note however, eBay listings may be a little higher due to listing fees, etc.

o PayPal (offers buyer security even if purchased via email as I am a premier member)
o Money Order/Cashier’s Check
o Personal Check

Orders will be shipped via First Class Mail as soon as payment has cleared
If you use PayPal Instant Transfer, orders will be shipped the next mailing day unless an emergency arises. I will soon have the options available for sheet protectors & 3 ring binders (with patterns already put in for you)…This of course will raise shipping a little but I will always tell you in your invoice at which time you can chose if you would still like these options. Also, if you chose these options, it may be up to 2 days after payment clears before patterns are shipped if I do not have any currently in stock or not enough to fulfill.

Some Images of the Patterns

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'M NOT JOKING....The FBI & our city police searched the truck today-pulling up carpet & all...My husband walked over to his truck to take a box out of the back that used to have a weedeater head in it & when he picked it up there was a stack of money in there....

Turns out it is only about $100 or so...We called the cops & they said that Jason had already told them where the money was & they had recovered most of it already so he is supposed to take the money to the police dept tomorrow.....

I TOLD YOU GUYS THAT IT JUST KEEPS GETTING MORE INTERESTING!!!! I'm still working on the patterns!!! TTYL!!!


Okay - sorry I haven't yet had the final list & price info posted & it will still be later tonight or maybe tomorrow before I finally get it all up & ready...

Now I'll tell you a little story as to our luck & why I haven't got it ready yet....

My husband's truck needed a paint job & he knew a guy that does awesome paint jobs & he lives just down the road from us....We took the truck down there this past weekend...On Monday my husband calls him multiple times but can't get an answer on his cell phone...So after he gets home from work, he decides to ride down there to see what is going on with the truck & to make sure the 'painter' isn't out driving it around...Sure enough he got down there & his truck was gone...Hours later, the 'painter' shows up in our truck & has a lunch box...My husband is VERY UPSET as you can imagine but lets it go because there was no damage to the truck, etc...The guys name is Jason Robinson....

Tuesday afternoon on my husband's way home there are cops swarming Jason's grandparents home (that is where he lives) so we start wondering what has happened....A little bit of google searching shows a bank robbery in Pikeville on Tuesday & the picture was that of Jason Robinson...We were so elated that we had brought the truck home on Monday evening or else our vehicle would have been the one used in the robbery instead of his girlfriends...He gets arrested Tuesday & admits to the robbery....

Later that evening while watching the local news we hear that Jason is also the suspect in a robbery on MONDAY in Middleboro KY.....SO we google again....NEEDLESS TO SAY HE USED OUR TRUCK!!!!!! The description matches except our truck is a new year but still the same body style.....The FBI left earlier & confirmed that it was our truck used so I'd say charges will be filed in a few hours...Never in a million years would we have thought something like this would happen to us....

And the funny part is that I & other people who knew about Jason stealing our truck had been teasing my husband that it could have been his truck used on Tuesday but he was lucky enough to catch Jason driving it & to bring it home....It was only a few hours later that we found out that we weren't off....LOL....Anyways....

So we've had so much going on the past couple days that I try to get some work done on the patterns but it seems like no matter how much I try, I can't stay concentrated on it....I THINK EVERYONE COULD UNDERSTAND LOL....I do have other patterns that my grandmother is bringing later so I'll list the names but don't yet have the stitch or square count but I'll update when I get them....

LeAndra :-S

If you want to ready more about it you can google any of the following:
"middlesboro ky bank robber" "Jason Robinson bank robber"

Friday, August 1, 2008


For everyone who has requested to buy copies of the patterns that my grandmother has, I promise you I am working on it. Recently I have a lot of things going on at the same time & I haven't had time to get everything together. I also have some new images I need to upload of a baby quilt & pillow that she made for my cousins baby shower.

As far as price goes, I will base that on a scale per number of patterns (you can then choose the patterns you wish to receive) & shipping will be via USPS First Class Mail. Shipping may be via another USPS service if the 3 ring binder option is requested. Other options will be sheet protectors (patterns already inserted) & pre-punched holes (charged for larger orders).

I can list the set on eBay with details of the included patterns, or I can list the patterns you can chose from on here to create your own set & you can either use PayPal or send other forms of payment such as money order, personal check, etc if you like. Either way, you will need to send me an email with the list of the requested patterns after payment is made.

I do like to offer eBay as I know what it is like to be unsure as to if you may get scammed. I am a verified Premier PayPal member therefore you can be assured that I'm not a scam. Also, if you would like to view my eBay account my user id is "lconley_2001".

To all of those you have sent email requests for patterns, I will also send you an email letting you know all of the details. I want to THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR PATIENCE & GOD BLESS!

LeAndra :o)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's the Finished Project - I forgot to Publish :o)

Here is the finished King Size quilt that I have been posting squares of for the past few months. It has been done a while and actually is already sold, I just forgot to publish this post. So here are the pics I took of this quilt. I had a hard time getting the entire quilt in the pictures because I am a little short but you can see how great it looks!

If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of this post! Thanks!!!!!